From the Brown-Sub area of infamous Liberty City, he is the New Southern Genesis! The new face and sound of Miami hip-hop! And he’s taking the rap game by storm! This innovative artist began writing lyrics and poetry at the age of ten. It was during this time that he formed an appreciation for the lyrical aspects of rap music. His musical talent was also evident early on when he banged on the African Drums at his local cultural arts center. “I have a unique background. My father is from Kenya and my mother is American,” explains MAJOR G.A.U.G.E. “I love African music and it inspires a lot of what I do.”


While G.A.U.G.E.’S African heritage informed his unique musical style, it was also a double-edged sword. “I never really fit in at school. There was always somebody making fun of my African name, Mungai Kigo, and the fact that I had a different set of values. But that only pushed me to sharpen my vocabulary. I learned to fight back with words. I got really good at making somebody shut the hell up quick, one way or the other.” Ironically, G.A.U.G.E. drew strength from the same unique heritage that formed the basis for most of the jeers and taunts. “I descend from the dominant Kikuyu tribe of fearless warriors. The same warriors who ran the British out of Kenya. My father encouraged me to be a warrior like my forefathers so I wasn’t about to be brought down by some name calling.”

And the experience was not wasted. All of that early word play led to G.A.U.G.E.’S incredible flow, clever lyrics, and undeniable swagger. “As a rapper, I don’t think that you’re a real lyricist if you’re not writing your own lyrics. That’s the soul of a rapper.” G.A.U.G.E. has equally strong opinions on posers. “There are a lot of posers in today’s hip-hop industry. People who have become nothing but product. Their time is near its end, in part, because I’m here.”

“Hip-hop is about making the listener feel something. If the song is supposed to be gangster, it should make people wanna go whoop somebody’s ass. If the song is about love, it should make you wanna hold your special someone tight. If it’s about partying, it should make you wanna act a damn fool and run around outside naked wearing neon-green body paint and singing at the top of your lungs! Well, if that’s how you party… I just think that that’s what real artistry is about. What can you make people feel?”

MAJOR G.A.U.G.E. is true to his philosophy. People are feeling the music of this ultimate party rapper! This down south MC blows up the clubs wherever he performs: Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, not to mention the heart of Dixie – Alabama and Atlanta! He’s the go to rapper when you’re ready to dance and party! With songs like, “She Workin It!,” “Head n’ Shouldaz” and “Swag Up,” the South’s gonna rise again, and it’s gonna do it on G.A.U.G.E.’S shoulders!

MAJOR G.A.U.G.E. is setting it on fire with his new release — 3 KINGZ, a tribute song for THE MIAMI HEAT, in honor of the team uniting DWAYNE WADE, LEBRON JAMES and CHRIS BOSH! The song is getting rave reviews from listeners on 790 THE TICKET, official station for the MIAMI HEAT! He is currently working with Prince Markie Dee, producer, songwriter, recording artist, and radio personality on 99 JAMZ and former member of the world famous Fat Boys. He also has an upcoming release featuring Young Cash, from T-Pain’s own Nappy Boy Records.

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