God Save The Children!


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Black and White shirts are all 100% ringspun cotton. Heather gray shirts are 90% ringspun cotton, 10% polyester.

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According to the 2019 Trafficking In Person’s Report, 46 children are trafficked every day in the United States of America. Sadly, for all we know, that number could be much higher? Worldwide there are 24.9 million people currently caught up in Human Trafficking. This evil is systemic and must be uprooted!

Washington D.C., has the highest human trafficking rate in the United States of 11.66 victims per 100,000 people according to worldpopulationreview.com.

As of May 2017, according to findmyscout.com, the top 5 states for unsolved missing children cases are as follows:

1. California has 659 unsolved cases with a population 39.78 million people.

2. Florida has 398 unsolved cases with a population of 21.48 million people.

3. Texas has 373 unsolved cases with a population of 29.90 million people.

4. Virginia has 364 unsolved cases with a population 8.6 million people.

5. New York has 211 unsolved cases with a population of 19.4 million people.

How does the state of Virginia, with a population of only 8.6 million people, have almost as many unsolved missing children cases as the state of Texas that has 30 million people? Why are so many children disappearing in Virginia? Could it be because Arlington, Virginia is located only 5.3 miles from Washington D.C.?

In 2019, there were 421,394 reports of missing children according to the FBI’S National Crime Information Center.

Are you aware that May 25th is National Missing Children’s Day? Neither was I.


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