Tears for the Blvd




One night at the studio I said to Seein,

“I have a concept for a song that would be perfect for you. It is based on an experience I had while driving on Biscayne Boulevard. I used to work in downtown Miami and as I drove south on Biscayne Boulevard, I would see homeless people, crack addicts and prostitutes. I would pray as I drove or listen to worship music. One day, I had the revelation that these people are someone’s mother or father. They are someone’s son or daughter. They have brothers and sisters. They are someone’s aunt and uncle. I realized there are holes in the families that these people are missing from and the anointing of God came over me and I began to cry.”

Seein replied,

“That’s crazy B! The same thing happened to me! I am going out to write this song right now and we can record it this week. Trust me B! You are going to love it!” I did and I do! Enjoy Tears For The Blvd.

Our prayer is that this song will motivate you to have mercy and compassion on your fellow man and inspire you to love your neighbor as yourself. That through your love and kindness, God will get the glory and His kingdom would be advanced. $2 out of every $3.99 download price will be donated to our new ministry, BcosJesusLovesYou.org.

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